Moscow, 24 September 2020. Russian Aquaculture PJSC (hereinafter "the Company"), the leading Russian Company in the commercial fish farming (aquaculture) sector, presented a new brand of chilled salmon and sea trout INARCTICA.

The Company's long-term development strategy involves the establishment of the largest vertically integrated enterprise in the aquaculture market, including its own fry production, primary processing and products' distribution under the INARCTICA brand.

Konstantin Klinov, Commercial Director of Russian Aquaculture PJSC, commented: "Launching its own brand is an important step towards the Company's strategy development".

The INARCTICAbrand will introduce consumer with the Company's products and consolidate its leading positions within the market.

During the presentation, three key factors that make the INARCTICA salmon and trout to stand out among the market were highlighted:
  • Arctic freshness;
  • Production located in the Arctic;
  • State-of-the-art technologies.

Furthermore, the Company's management presented ULTRAFRESH logistics, which makes it possible to distribute chilled salmon and trout to the consumer within a short period. In 2 days, the INARCTICA products are delivered in St. Petersburg, in 3 days - in Moscow, and in 5 days - in Krasnoyarsk.

To find out more information about the INARCTICA brand and product, please visit the official website


Russian Aquaculture is a leader in the production of Atlantic salmon and trout in Russia.

The Company’s core business areas are:

  • commercial farming of Atlantic salmon and sea trout in the Barents Sea in the Murmansk region

  • commercial farming of trout in the lakes of the Republic of Karelia

Russian Aquaculture’s core strategic focus is on developing its aquaculture business. The Company currently owns cultivation rights for 36 sites for farming salmon and rainbow trout. The total potential production volume for these sites is around 50 ths tons of salmonids.

The Company’s long-term development strategy involves the creation of the largest vertically integrated player in the aquaculture market, including the production of feed and stocking material, primary processing, and distribution of the Company’s own products.