Social responsibility

PJSC "Russian Aquaculture" sees its social mission in raising the living standards of the population of Russia by providing fresh, high-quality and nutrient-rich fish products.

PJSC "Russian Aquaculture" is committed to the principles of market transparency and works only with official suppliers abiding by all the requirements of the legislation and sanitary norms and contributing to the fight against poaching and other violations in the fish market.

The Company’s value is the staff. The employment relations within the Company are built in full compliance with the effective employment legislation of Russia. The Company intensively develops the potential and expertise of the employees, due to internal and external training. Taking care about health of our employees, the Company provides a voluntary medical insurance programme.

Developing the aquaculture, PJSC "Russian Aquaculture" was one of the originators of a new industry branch in Russia. The Company’s subsidiaries that operate in the aquaculture segment contribute to the active development of the Northwestern region and create new jobs for local people.


Fish health and welfare

Russian Aquaculture has committed to fish injury and disease prevention:

  • Smolt production: a world leading breeding company supplies high quality live eggs; we vaccinate and thoroughly check all our smolts prior to shipping

  • On-growing: company’s biology department monitors fish health at different locations on an daily basis while maintaining contact with foreign fish health professionals

  • Primary processing: all offal is converted to marketable fish oil

Escape prevention

Company has zero escape rate since start of operations in 2012

Mortality disposal 

All dead fish collected at farming sites are processed into environment-friendly ensilage that the company sells to mink and other animal growers. Russian Aquaculture has no track record of violating environment protection legislation

Antibiotic use

Company does not use antibiotics at its sea sites

Sea louse

Cold Barents Sea climate slows down reproduction of sea lice. Nevertheless Company has acquired medication-free louse treatment system FLS


High personnel safety standards: no lethal accidents since start of operations.

Regular training of personnel; long-term incentives and benefits to attract and keep best employees in industry

Innovation and R&D 

Company keeps experimenting with new equipment and methods such as ROVs, biomass counters, mortality collectors, feeding efficiency improvement, application of artificial intelligence, etc. 

Local communities 

Russian Aquaculture is committed to support local communities through regular organization of social events and charity acts (e.g. donation of ALV systems to Murmansk hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic in April-May, 2020